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miss_odalisque's Journal

"odalisque", noun - virgin female slave, who could rise to be a concubine

Girl, Enslaved
AGE STATEMENT: I am 23. Just to get that out there. Legal for pretty much anything except renting a car in America which, since I can't even drive yet, I'm totes cool with.

Um. Basically I have a ton of friends in one particular fandom, but I got addicted to RPF. Gay RPF. Often gay INCEST RPF. This squicks them. So, yeah, NEW JOURNAL.

My OTPs etc...in fandom/band/whatever order:
Harry Potter: Harry/Draco. Albus Severus/Scorpius. Some love for Snarry, also, but not generally a fave.
High School Musical Chad/Ryan. IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT LIVEJOURNAL.
Jonas Brothers Joe/Nick. Nick is my favourite. There is nothing else to say here except to link you to So Damn Skippy (sodamnskippy) because Kevin Jonas and Mike Carden (from The Academy Is...) should totally, totally be dating.

Then there's bandom which is a whole other kettle of fish. I'll read practically anything, to be honest.

Oh, and in case you're wondering why I chose the name - it's pretty, and apparently it refers to Turkish concubines. The idea of being a slave appeals to me, what can I say. Plus I get to make a pun on one of my favourite films in my display name. What could be better?